Advancing HIV Prevention: New Strategies for a Changing Epidemic is a CDC initiative aimed at reducing barriers to early diagnosis of HIV infection and increasing access to quality medical care, treatment, and ongoing prevention services for those diagnosed with HIV.

The initiative emphasizes the use of proven public health approaches to reduce the incidence and spread of disease. The initiative capitalizes on new rapid test technologies, interventions that bring persons unaware of their HIV status to HIV testing, and behavioral interventions that provide prevention skills to persons living with HIV.

The initiative consists of 4 key strategies:

  1. Make HIV testing a routine part of medical care
  2. Make HIV testing a routine part of medical care
  3. Implement new models for diagnosing HIV infections outside medical settings
  4. Prevent new infections by working with persons diagnosed with HIV and their partners
  5. Further decrease perinatal HIV transmission

Source: CDC. Advancing HIV prevention: New strategies for a changing epidemic. MMWR 2003;52:329-332