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Shared Action created a framework that is fluid and attends better to the HIV Prevention needs of Health Departments. Its current model consists of three main layers: Technology and Information Transfer (ITT), Skills Building, and Individual Capacity Building Assistance (ICBA). Each of them will produce different impact on the consumers. However, it is intended for these components to work together and supplement each other. For example, while an agency may receive assistance in adapting a curriculum for the target population (ICBA), they may also receive a Skills-building training to enhance the implementation of that particular intervention. All of them together will produce a greater impact than each of them individually.

Shared Action provides capacity building services through 3 delivery methods:

Individual-level direct consultation

Individual CBA (ICBA)

State of the Science Technical Assistance

ICBA is the component that proves to be the more intense and effective service provided by Shared Action. Through ICBA, Shared Action staff work one-on-one with an agency on needs specifically related to the implementation of their programs and target population. Some of the services include:

  • Adapting DEBI for Latino Populations and Latino MSM
  • Community and Program Needs Assessments
  • Culturally Responsive and Linguistically Appropriate Strategies
  • Program and Social Marketing
  • HIV Prevention Materials Development

For more information on ICBA services please contact | Oscar Marquez, CBA Coordinator, ITT


Group trainings & workshops (Skills Building)

Group trainings & workshops (Skills Building)

State of the Science Trainings

Skills-building group trainings are designed to address the most commonly shared technical core competencies needed to implement programs. Some of the trainings that Shared Action currently implements are:

Formative Research (Community and Program Needs Assessment)


Program Evaluation

For a more complete list and more information please contact | Oscar Marquez, CBA Coordinator, ITT


Information and Technology Transfer(ITT)

Information and Technology Transfer(ITT)

State of the Science Information

Shared Action presents printed and Web-based materials to make specialized information on HIV prevention more accessible to program staff. These services are guided by a team of behavioral scientists and a community advisory board to best meet the diverse needs of the HIV prevention field.


Power Point presentations of discussions of specific high-risk communities or special topics related to capacity building to implement HIV prevention. The presentations posted on this site were previously broadcast through teleconferences and Internet presentations.

SA Resource Center

The Shared Action Resource Center provides population-specific broadsheets and skills-based technical bulletins to facilitate and sustain capacity building efforts. To date, Shared Action has created and distributed several educational materials: Please visit our Compendium page to view some of these materials.

For more information about ITT or our services, please contact | Oscar Marquez, CBA Coordinator, ITT