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Kickass free movies Download website

This Kickass Torrent commonly known as KAT is a peer-to-peer website it was founded in 2008 and went offline in 2016. When the domain was seized by the US government and that time the sites were shut down properly at last. According to the website, Alexa ranking Kickass became the most visited and popular in the World overtaking the Pirate Bay. It is a torrent directory magnet links provider application where you can easily download and access your newly released movie if the movie was available on the website. In the Kickass application, there is a movie present in multilingual Language that is 30+ like English, Hindi, Tamil, etc. The growth of users day by day is approx 1 million per day.

It is optional in registration, which means you can register yourself with your I’d or you can directly download through the application in the starting stage kickass Torrent moved many domains but in June 2016 kickass added to the official Torrent network onion address. But in July 2016 the US department of justice announced that it had banned the kickass application and when the staff members showed that the department of justice banned the channel so they created a website with its predecessor features and appearance.

History related to Kickass Torrent

First of all, we all know that it a legal website and you can use it through the VPN because this website ban in many countries, after we have to know that when it is found or launched, here the answer is Kickass is a peer to peer public torrent website and it was found in November 2008 but in April 2011 it was moved into other domain also they moved from many domains that is Philippine kat.

After Philippines, it was moved to the US department of justice against this Demonoid and Torrents. After all these things the site was moved across different domains where the operator planned to update the design and features after every six months But this website faced many problems this website was added on the official website in June 2016.

In the starting term, Kickass Torrent was used by millions of users every day but when the US government banned this website too many users got sad.

How to stay safe when you download the movie from Kickass Torrent?

We all know that one thing that is torrenting is free on Kickass but copyright content is not free. And one more thing about this article is if you read this I am pretty sure you will not caught to download movie or any other content you just have to know that how to protect yourself from this website when you download the movie you don’t worry because there is a simple options to do so .

You have to use a VPN it is compulsory because they do not provide anyone your personal data or other thing related to you. But the best thing is to using Torrent VPN will not let you access popular torrenting without any problem and download anonymously and with complete freedom. There is many free VPN available on your browser you can easily download from there and stay protected. Because Kickass is the best website to download movies and it is a legal website.

How to download movie from Kickass through mirror Website?

Download Top Bollywood Movies from Kickass

If you were not able to access the official website through your browser and VPN also you don’t worry or don’t be panic there is another way to using the Pirate Website. You may use it through the mirror Website it is also safe and the easiest way to download a movie from the mirror Website it is also the coolest way you may enjoy during your movie download, first is you were too much excited about your desired movies. There are some mirror Website mentioned below you may go through this:-

  • Suptorrent
  • Suitable
  • Site at

You can use these sites for download your favourite movie and media or any other content like games and all you can easily access through the mirror Website.

Without downloading the application of Kickass how you were able to download movies from Kickass?

steps to download fromKickass free movies Download website.jpg

This article may be help you how to download a movie from this website because we all know that is is a peer to peer website and a file-sharing sites do one thing remember always download the VPN first on Your device which you were use and need to download a program to facilitate the process. But one thing that you will note in your mind always that copyright download is illegal. For safe download you have to follow some mentioned steps carefully.

  • First, you try to go to the official website and the Website is available in the middle of the page you can easily watch.
  • The second thing that you must have to do is click on the free download link and here you must have some patients that they set-up their file to download it may take time.
  • When they appear as download you have to hit the double click on that set-up file.
  • Now click next twice and this page will show you some terms and conditions mentioned there and there is must be an option give to you agree or not then you have to click on the I agree on button then you proceed to the next step.
  • And after done the step you can select the shortcut if prompted and then click next twice again.
  • And after doing all those steps carefully sometimes there is one more page that will display and if that extra page appears you should decline the page instantly.
  • And now your movie has finally installed and it is appears in the right corner of your using windows.

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